What a difference eight years can make! My September 2006 GPS World article “Managing the GPS Constellation for Today’s Needs,” dealt with GPS performance issues many high-precision users then faced. Demanding applications of real-time precision positioning, such as precision agriculture and machine control, did not find enough satellites in view to support their needs.  I […]

China recently issued a performance standard for the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS). It is available at http://en.beidou.gov.cn. I took a quick look comparing the BDS Open Service Performance Standard to the GPS Standard Positioning Service Performance Standard and here is what I came up with:   I coded the table to show green for […]

Products such as Fish Trax Marketplace provide seafood traceability for consumers who want to know who caught and processed their fish. But aside from addressing seafood safety, does it make good business sense to do so? Actually it does, and let me tell you why. Let me start with a story. My sister was visiting Newport […]

Fish Trax™ Marketplace is a new innovative product that allows consumers to learn about where their seafood comes from. Our goal is to bring the seafood and fishing communities to the marketplace by sharing the stories of who brings your seafood to your plate. We are building a community of trust among all of the links […]