Advanced Research Corporation provides wave energy expertise

Developers coming to Oregon

A full suite of local services from deployment to recovery of wave energy devices

  • Arrange for an assembly area
  • Coordinate vessels appropriate to the deployment
  • Obtain trained workforce on shore and at sea
  • Arrange for shore-based deployment services
  • Assist as a neutral partner in securing the needed permissions for deployment – collaborate and coordinate with counties, stakeholders, and ports
  • Provide Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services – obtain local office space, equipment repair services; arrange for assets to be available when O&M team members arrive
  • Develop contingency plan for total life cycle, from deployment to operations to recovery
  • Support contingency operations – schedule and coordinate with local authorities, suppliers, and stakeholders
  • Act as local secondary point of contact for emergency services

Provide preliminary set of candidate companies for each of these services

  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Deployment
  • Salvage/recovery

Risk Management

  • Review and critique deployment plan
  • Identify issues and mitigation steps  relating to assembly, deployment, O&M, recovery, contingency operations, and workforce

Technical services for ocean deployment

  • Recommend design of devices and processes for deployment
  • Provide local data processing and monitoring services of wave energy devices for rapid response, allowing contractor personnel to be off-site
  • Assist in setting up telecommunications for telemetry and control

Our expertise enables suppliers to compete with confidence

Oregon Suppliers

Understand the technologies and the terminologies

  • What is state of the art in wave energy
  • What is going on in Oregon
  • What are the infrastructure needs by the various technologies

Become familiar with the field leaders in wave energy development

  • Who has developed the technologies and how mature is their development

Understand the collaborative process and how to engage at the regional level

  • Assist in developing marketing plans by regional groups
  • Identify the opportunities appropriate for the region
  • Tailor capabilities to match developer needs
  • Adjust presentations to best match developer needs
  • Arrange for contacts and opportunities to pitch products and services

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