In 2010, Advanced Research completed a report for the Oregon Wave Energy Trust on Wave Energy Infrastructure Assessment for Oregon. I write this blog to express my thoughts on the use of the Oregon territorial sea for wave energy activities.

Oregon is well positioned to serve the state and the nation in the responsible consideration of wave energy as a viable source of renewable energy. It is home to the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center which is a national resource in assessing the performance and endurance of wave energy devices in the ocean. Oregon is also home to a cutting-edge wave energy research facility at Oregon State University, leading the nation in exploring the technologies that could be used for the generation of sustainable, non-polluting energy. Oregon has the industry muscle and experience on the ocean to manufacture and deploy wave energy devices. And finally, Oregon is home to the Oregon Wave Energy Trust, which has taken a leadership role for not only Oregon but for the nation in the responsible investigation of all aspects of wave energy development, including its impacts to the environment and stakeholders concerns.

Thus, Oregon is in a unique position in our nation to (1) explore the costs, environmental and social impacts, and benefits of wave energy; (2) manufacture wave energy conversion devices for use throughout the Pacific Northwest; and (3) deploy wave energy conversion devices in its waters, thereby contributing to a reduced dependence on fossil fuels for supplying energy to homes and businesses.

Recognizing the foregoing, I recommend the following:

1.     Oregon should leverage its expertise in testing of ocean renewable energy and allocate space in the territorial sea for the testing of wave energy conversion devices of all kinds (near shore and off shore)

2.     Oregon should anticipate and support the responsible use of the territorial sea for use by developers and power companies for the deployment and operation of wave energy conversion devices.



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