Fish Trax™ Marketplace is a new innovative product that allows consumers to learn about where their seafood comes from. Our goal is to bring the seafood and fishing communities to the marketplace by sharing the stories of who brings your seafood to your plate. We are building a community of trust among all of the links of the seafood value chain—from fisherman to dealer to retailer to consumer.

The Fish Trax™ Marketplace provides dealers who purchase the seafood from their fishermen with a mobile web presence that shares the story about their business and the fishermen that work with them. The consumer, or “Seafood Lover”, will find that by learning about where their seafood comes from, it helps the seafood industry gain awareness of the marketplace they provide for, and builds trust for the consumers. Fish Trax™ Marketplace will not only link consumers and producers, but also the dealers, restaurants, and retail shops “in between.” Research shows that when producers and consumers connect and share their experiences and needs, the entire marketplace benefits. In turn, this vital and valuable information supports sustainable communities and businesses, and contributes to the health of the resource.

Fish Trax™ Marketplace works by providing consumers with a QR code that is giving with their meal or at the seafood market display case. The code is then scanned by a smartphone or tablet device and displays information about where that specific fish had been caught, providing short descriptive information about the fisherman, the vessel, and the fish house that processed and sold the seafood.

We hope to see Fish Trax™ Marketplace grow and become a standard for sharing information about the seafood communities that provide the resources to our restaurants and markets. To learn more about Fish Trax™ Marketplace please visit,


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