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Products such as Fish Trax Marketplace provide seafood traceability for consumers who want to know who caught and processed their fish. But aside from addressing seafood safety, does it make good business sense to do so? Actually it does, and let me tell you why. Let me start with a story. My sister was visiting Newport […]

Fish Trax™ Marketplace is a new innovative product that allows consumers to learn about where their seafood comes from. Our goal is to bring the seafood and fishing communities to the marketplace by sharing the stories of who brings your seafood to your plate. We are building a community of trust among all of the links […]

I am no expert on the West Coast salmon fishery, but I have learned a lot about it over the past year working with the Oregon Salmon Commission, Oregon State University, and NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. What has been going on

What is data? It is not a question most people concern themselves with. I think about it often. I am fascinated by data. How it moves. Where it comes from. How it can be collected. How it can be manipulated. How we use it to make decisions. How we use it to understand the world […]