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For many, Newport is tourist destination, sporting two lighthouses, a lively Bayfront district lined with shops and restaurants, and miles of rugged, majestic shoreline. For others, it is a fishing port, home to the most productive fishing fleet on the Oregon coast and a thriving working waterfront. But to marine scientists from Oregon State University, […]

Oregon state legislators are considering House Bill 3451 to establish at OSU an Oceangoing Research Vessel Program. This bill fits into a larger multiyear effort to grow the marine science economic sector for Oregon. It began over four decades ago with the establishment of the Hatfield Marine Science Center, initiated with investments from the state […]

At a meeting of the Yaquina Bay Economic Foundation (YBEF) on May 29, I shared the following thoughts with members and guests: “In the five years my wife and I have been in Newport and in my involvement in YBEF, members have already seen me try out a few initiatives and watched them “not go […]

I am no expert on the West Coast salmon fishery, but I have learned a lot about it over the past year working with the Oregon Salmon Commission, Oregon State University, and NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. What has been going on

What is data? It is not a question most people concern themselves with. I think about it often. I am fascinated by data. How it moves. Where it comes from. How it can be collected. How it can be manipulated. How we use it to make decisions. How we use it to understand the world […]