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For many, Newport is tourist destination, sporting two lighthouses, a lively Bayfront district lined with shops and restaurants, and miles of rugged, majestic shoreline. For others, it is a fishing port, home to the most productive fishing fleet on the Oregon coast and a thriving working waterfront. But to marine scientists from Oregon State University, […]

Consider the questions, What challenges does your business face in this economy? What challenges do you think small businesses in general face? Some people say it is the tough economy and financial challenges. This may be so, but I think the problem is deeper. I am a high tech, services oriented firm. This means that […]

Since my selection by the SBA as the small business person of the year for Oregon, I have asked myself, why should the president of such a small company be selected for this honor? I have been fortunate to live in as intellectually active an area as Newport, Oregon. In some ways, Newport is no […]

Forming good relations between businesses Small communities offer unique opportunities to help businesses be successful. One is to form strong business relationships with local vendors. In this day and age when everyone is looking for the cheapest cost, they often overlook what may be the “best value”.  By “best value”, I mean doing business with […]