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Yaquina Technologies specializes in web and mobile applications and services. You may be wondering what these terms mean and how they could help your business or organization. Below we try to answer a few of the common questions we hear about these services. What is a web service? A web service helps move data and […]

We tend to group the concept of invention with that of innovation, but there is a difference.  Invention is coming up with a new idea. Innovation is developing an idea that is practical, that can be used, and in many cases fulfills a need. For more on this, read Len Polizotto’s article in Smithsonian’s Lemelson […]

A Google Maps tile cutter that uses latitude and longitude rather than Google Maps coordinates. This program resizes, positions, and cuts an image to give an overlay at every zoom level with minimal effort.

What is data? It is not a question most people concern themselves with. I think about it often. I am fascinated by data. How it moves. Where it comes from. How it can be collected. How it can be manipulated. How we use it to make decisions. How we use it to understand the world […]