The Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) is tasked with positioning Oregon as North America’s leader in the nascent industry of producing utility power from the energy contained in ocean waves. Its mission is to serve as a connector and facilitator for all stakeholders involved in wave energy project development and to ensure the responsible development of this energy technology. To better serve its stakeholders, OWET commissioned a gap analysis to assess the infrastructure needs of ocean renewable energy and compare those needs against the existing and planned infrastructure capabilities in Oregon. The Wave Energy Infrastructure Assessment in Oregon report summarizes the results of the assessment performed by Advanced Research Corporation and is intended to serve as a reference resource for a variety of readers: suppliers, wave energy developers, state and regional governments, economic development authorities, and educational institutions.

The report consists of the body of the report, plus 8 appendices. 

Final Report 

Appendix A – Developer Overview

Appendix B – Oregon Ports

Appendix C – Oregon Suppliers

Appendix D – Developer Questionnaire

Appendix E – Port Questionnaire

Appendix F – Supplier Questionnaire

Appendix G – Abbreviations & Definitions

Appendix H – References

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