In 2010, Advanced Research completed a report for the Oregon Wave Energy Trust on Wave Energy Infrastructure Assessment for Oregon. I write this blog to express my thoughts on the use of the Oregon territorial sea for wave energy activities. Oregon is well positioned to serve the state and the nation in the responsible consideration […]

On May 6, 2011 I gave public testimony to the Oregon Joint Ways and Means Committee in support of ocean observation and research. The Committee had come to Newport, Oregon to hear the public share thoughts on how to deal with the budget shortfall. They were contemplating eliminating 20% in funding for Oregon’s statewide support […]

Since my selection by the SBA as the small business person of the year for Oregon, I have asked myself, why should the president of such a small company be selected for this honor? I have been fortunate to live in as intellectually active an area as Newport, Oregon. In some ways, Newport is no […]

A Google Maps tile cutter that uses latitude and longitude rather than Google Maps coordinates. This program resizes, positions, and cuts an image to give an overlay at every zoom level with minimal effort.

I am no expert on the West Coast salmon fishery, but I have learned a lot about it over the past year working with the Oregon Salmon Commission, Oregon State University, and NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. What has been going on

While GPS offers a ubiquitous, precise, and reliable positioning and timing service to much of the world, in many cases this service falls short. Anyone who has walked into a building with a GPS receiver actively displaying a location is aware of the immediate effect of the loss of signal. While this is an extreme […]

What is data? It is not a question most people concern themselves with. I think about it often. I am fascinated by data. How it moves. Where it comes from. How it can be collected. How it can be manipulated. How we use it to make decisions. How we use it to understand the world […]