Fish Trax Kiosk


Pacific Fish Trax

Advanced Research was approached to design, build and test two prototype consumer kiosks to be placed in stores as part of a seafood pilot program, called Pacific Fish Trax.  Our work was done for the Seafood Consumer Center (Astoria, OR) and Oregon SeaGrant.

On this fixed price project, we provided a local company on the Oregon Coast with the in-house talent and the ability to undertake such a complex project, as well as excellent customer support and flexibility as the project wound through a number of revisions.

The Design Process:

We let our customer needs drive the design process.  We knew the kiosk would have to be easy to use, robust and reliable, as well as flexible since the prototypes might be used on any number of different projects.  We chose an industry common touchscreen and provided a full featured computer to run it, a Mac mini.  We enlisted the help of a local high school student to help design the kiosk’s backboard.

The High School Internship Opportunity:

We turned to Newport High School in our local community to obtain an intern to help with this project. Our student, Daniel, applied skills he had learned in computer aided design classes and was a tremendous asset throughout the process that followed:

  • Designs were first drawn up in a CAD program to aid in the discussion with the client on how the final product should function and look
  • The CAD drawings were then updated and finalized based on these meetings
  • A cardboard mockup was constructed in our office and hardware was installed allowing for actual usage of the equipment to better understand the needs of the client
  • Modifications were made to this cardboard mockup to reflect the lessons learned from watching members of the public who had stopped by interact with the kiosk during this design phase
  • Due to time constraints, we used the mockup (rather than CAD drawings) as the basis of the final design presented to the local machine shop that was to manufacture the housings.  The experts at Halco Welding took measurements from the mockup and fabricated an aluminum backboard to house the electronic equipment.

The Finished Product:

After thorough testing the product was delivered to the OSU Extension Office for final checkout. For the next week  the kiosk underwent additional client testing and gained local publicity.

On February 20, 2009 the kiosks were exhibited in two New Seasons stores in the Portland area.  Store staff provided prepared samples of the frozen tuna that was being sold through the kiosks and answered questions.  In addition, Pacific Fish Trax had on hand some of the fishermen and processors involved in the project who provided in-depth answers while supplying additional character to a project that has meant so much to those who have been involved.  The rollout was covered by a number of news organizations, including Portland’s KGW TV and Oregon Public Broadcasting.  More news is listed at the Pacific Fish Trax news page.


While kiosk design was new to us at Advanced Research, prototyping, designing, and working closely with clients was not, and we have enjoyed the extremely positive feedback from all that have seen and used the kiosks.  The final product has proven to be a valuable prototype exhibiting its tremendous flexibility throughout the development and operational cycle.




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