Gulf Fish Trax

Gulf Fish Trax

Gulf Fish Trax (GFX) is a Fisheries Information System (FIS) developed by Advanced Research to help fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico share information about the quality, safety, and sustainable harvesting of their seafood with seafood buyers and consumers. Advanced Research worked alongside the Consumer Seafood Initiative and Oregon State University to develop this remarkable system. GFX has been used by the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance for implementation in their Gulf Wild program. It has been featured on CBS Channel 42 (Birmingham, Alabama).

Example of find-your-fish map in the GFX FIS

GFX Find-Your-Fish Map showing the NOAA Gulf 10x10 Grid (in red) where the fish was caught. Additional information can be displayed in the pop-up window.

How it works

Participating fishermen tag each individual fish on the boat during harvest. Once a fish vessel comes into port to unload at a fish house, the tag numbers as well as information about the trip (such as the captain, the vessel, and location of where the fish were caught) is passed on to the fish house staff and electronically recorded in the GFX database.

Because recording of all this information requires extra work, Advanced Research designed the processes to be as easy as possible use the fisherman and the fish house staff. This involves working closely with our clients to understand their existing operations, and then designing a system that fits into these operations.

After the catch information has been entered into the GFX database, registered users can easily access the information through simple-to-use web portals. The system helps them keep better records and of the fish they catch and who is catching what.

Find-Your-Fish inforamtion sharing options for the GFX FIS

The FInd-Your-FIsh information sharing panel. Fisherman can control what information is shared with each audience.



Not just for fishermen and fish houses

The information in the GFX database can be used by a variety of audiences for many different purposes including traceability, science, marketing, and management. One popular use is to inform the end consumers about the fish they purchase. Each fish is tagged with a unique number which the customer can enter into a web site and view a map of where their fish was caught, as well as the story of the fishermen who caught it. Visit Gulf Wild to see a working example.

GFX Key Features

  • Web portals for fish houses and fishermen to enter catch data
  • Web portals for fish house staff and administrators to retrieve information
  • Downloadable reports and receipts
  • Data privacy and sharing setting so the fisherman can control what information is shown
  • Interactive “find-your-fish” mapping for end customers

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