Fisherman Portal

ProjectCROOS Fisherman Portal

The ProjectCROOS Fisherman Portal is a web application designed to work in conjunction with the WC-GSI Database and the CROOS Fisheries Information System.  The portal provides Oregon Chinook Salmon fishermen an easy-to-use interface where they can view and explore the data related to the salmon they caught and tagged for ProjectCROOS. The portal consists of three components; a Google map, a statistics and graphs section, and a tabular view of the data.

View a demo here.

Design Considerations

One challenge in dealing with complex datasets is how to visualize and interpret them. The Fisherman Portal presents the data in the WC-GSI Database to a fisherman in an easy to understand format. It does this in a variety of ways. First, at the core of the Fisherman Portal is a Google Map which provides a geospatial view of the data. Google Maps was chosen because it is a familiar interface with a rich array of features. Second, the portal has a default set of graphs which provide a visual summary of useful information with a single mouse click. And third, the portal provides a comprehensive data filtering system accessible through an easy to use interface so fisherman can really zero in on specific areas of their catch.

An example from the Graphs display mode

An example from the graphs display mode of the Fisherman Portal

In addition to the default set of data visualization features, the Fisherman Portal also provides an easy way for fishermen to export their data for analysis and sharing outside the Fisherman Portal. The portal provides the ability to download their data as a file or they can easily copy and paste data from the portal into a spreadsheet.

Key Features

  • Interactive map displaying a fisherman catch information
  • Statistical summaries and graphs
  • Ability to download data
  • Security features to ensure privacy of a fisherman’s catch information per the Magnuson-Stevens Act
  • View past catches with data going back to 2006 season

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