Wave Energy

Advanced Research has been active in the investigation and development of wave energy in Oregon. Most recently we completed an assessment of the infrastructure needs and capabilities in Oregon to develop and implement wave energy devices. In our investigation, we spoke with wave energy developers in Scotland, Ireland, England, Norway, Canada and the US states of Oregon, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. We also met with port authorities, union workforce, Oregon SeaGrant, the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, and infrastructure providers on the Oregon coast in Coos Bay, Reedsport, Newport, Tillamook, and Portland. Our report, prepared for the Oregon Wave Energy Trust, provides a set of prioritized, recommended actions to resolve infrastructure gaps, thereby supporting the development of wave energy products and services in Oregon. We have also given presentations on the economic potential of Oregon’s infrastructure for  wave energy at the Ocean Renewable Energy Conference in Seaside, Oregon  in September 2009 and the technology of wave energy at a meeting of the Lincoln County Technology Solutions Alliance in Newport, Oregon in January 2010.

Wave Energy Infrastructure Assessment in Oregon Report

This report can be downloaded in full via the following link (36MB pdf)

Individual sections of the document can be downloaded:

  • Main Body –  The body of the report (15MB pdf)
  • Appendix A – Wave Energy Developer Overview (15MB pdf)
  • Appendix B – Oregon Port Overview (12MB pdf)
  • Appendix C – Oregon Wave Energy Supplier Index (4MB pdf)
  • Appendix D, E, and F – Questionnaire for Developers, Ports, and Suppliers (3MB pdf)

Public Meeting on Wave Energy Technology – LCTSA

A survey of the various forms of wave energy device technology, plus a brief summary of its implications for Oregon, for the Lincoln County Technology Solutions Alliance. The presentation provided a look at the various technologies being considered by developers worldwide for harnessing the power of the ocean as well as some of the potential issues and possible solutions. The presentation was broken into three main areas:

  • Why pursue wave energy and calculating wave energy density
  • A survey of the different types of wave energy devices currently being considered around the world
  • A brief look at what different mooring systems are being considered and what they are comprised of

2009 Ocean Renewable Energy Conference Presentation

A presentation was given on the economic potential for Oregon’s infrastructure in the development of wave energy capability at the 2009 Ocean Renewable Energy Conference. The presentation provides a brief overview of infrastructure needs and what capabilities exist in Oregon, and then identifies the gaps and weaknesses in Oregon’s infrastructure.   Through addressing the gaps, economic opportunities arise on both the local level and on the regional level.

  • Local Opportunities – Operations and maintenance work as well as salvage and safety
  • Regional Opportunities – Form coalitions to formulate strategies and address issues
  • State-wide Opportunities – Market the state for the demonstration of wave energy devices

2009 Ocean Renewable Energy Conference Poster

A poster presentation at the 2009 Ocean Renewable Energy Conference that detailed the Wave Energy Infrastructure Assessment project overview and status.

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