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Advanced Research conducted an infrastructure inventory assessment to aid in the development of wave energy in Oregon, and documented its findings in a report, “Wave Energy Infrastructure Assessment in Oregon“.  The  main objectives of this project were to:

  • Understand the needs of wave energy developers. Interview developers worldwide, incorporating assessments of off-shore, near-shore, and on-shore technologies.
  • Determine Oregon’s current and planned capabilities. This investigation includes visiting coastal ports, manufacturers, workforce groups, and deployment vessel operators, determining capacities and limitations.
  • Compare the needs to capabilities and determine matches and shortfalls on both statewide and regional scales.
  • Prepare recommendations for Oregon so lawmakers and government agencies can make well informed decisions to help accelerate Oregon’s wave energy industry and increase available jobs in the state.
    OWET Poster
    Ocean Renewable Energy Conference Poster

Motivation & Goals

This assessment was designed to accomplish the following:

  • Help Oregon understand the needs of wave energy developers
  • Provide insight into what Oregon has and does not have to meet these needs
  • Provide a path to resolve identified issues so Oregon will be ready when the time comes to deploy wave energy here

Preliminary Presentation

A preliminary assessment was presented in a poster at the 2009 Ocean Renewable Energy Conference.

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